About me

Aptitude and fantasy often amaze me. Passion and emotions make me live.

Photographer Adriano Pugliese, Napoli

Intuition plays an important role in my job, but first of all the attention to observe reality makes me understand that mind has a strong power upon body.

Across the line of this pamphlet, I try to enter the world of images that become extraordinary for me in a fecund and vital photographic structure.

A searching around being: in this way we can define photography that works in particular situations and with different characters that are linked between them with the same connection, based on research and glamour.


I live on emotions and my camera helps me to catch them in a moment.
I love to share them, I'll introduce some of them.

Reportage, photojournalism to be able to tell a moment Henri Cartier Bresson


I think they are things that nobody can see before they are photographed Ansel Adams


Come see me in
  • Corso Europa/Via Piave
    80127 - Napoli
  • +39 081.5602906
  • +39 334.1580694
  • info@pugliesefotografia.it
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